I was asked to post a great album without explanation and tag others to do the same, but I don’t really have anyone to tag. As a result, here’s the great album: Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy, by The Refreshments. 🎶

With my annual subscription renewal for Paramount+ coming up, I realize why most services only offer a monthly rate: when you see how much you’re really paying over time, the sticker shock is substantial. 💸

A band I hadn’t ever heard of until recently, but now dig: The Sword. 🎶

Spent a shocking amount of time this morning reorganizing all the tabletop roleplaying games I own in PDF. I may have a hoarding problem. 🎲

Last year, my state legalized recreational marijuana use. They had no plans for how to implement this eventuality. Brilliant. 💭

A while back Amazon had this experiment called Kindle Worlds, where people could get paid to write GI Joe fanfic. Don’t know why I passed up that opportunity to write about Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. 📝

I’m enjoying a solo roleplaying game, set in an imaginary version of 1600s France, using the Flashing Blades rules. My character’s name is Oriane Lévêque, and she’s a member of the King’s Musketeers, naturally. 🎨

Of the desert. 🎨

A character from a solo roleplaying game I’m enjoying at the moment: Captain Free Grissom, of the ship, The Relentless. 🎨

For your consideration. 📚